Company Growth and Building A Sales Funnel

Figuring out the right sales funnel or strategy that can convert any leads into gross revenue for you. Know that there are well over a million different ways to grow your business. What does it take the most of? Would you be surprised to find out that CASH is the wrong answer? If you answered TIME, then you are absolutely correct! You can get out as much as you put in to your career. A sales funnel can help streamline your time by taking a lot of the guess work out the equation. Not to mention some sales funnels are also designed to weed out customers that really aren’t that interested in the sale, meaning you save time from having to deal with them, and you save money by not having to pay your staff to deal with them either. No growth plan will ever work properly if you don’t have the two main factors that all growing companies need to have in common. The first thing is that they have a formulated plan to market themselves. These companies and businesses use social media extremely effectively through organic, influencer and even specific paid campaigns. They are armed with an email list and boy; do they know how to use it. They understand exactly who their target demographic is, and waste no time or expense in marketing directly to them. Once they do have a brand-new customer, they understand how to keep them coming back for more. You’ve probably heard a lot of people say that the easiest customer to sell something too is the one you have already sold something too.

[adinserter block="2"] By using a proper email funnel, your existing customers have already signed up for your exclusive email list, you will also obtain their address, and phone number. With this information, you can be careful (not to over saturate your customers) with sending them promotions, coupons, flyers, and ads, including them in sales that other customers may not know about unless they manage to stumble onto your site, see a post on social media, or catch one of your ads. If you start by utilizing these unique and highly effective strategies, which include investing a lot into your customer service and keeping it personal with your customers, but realize your work will never ever truly be done. You’ll constantly find yourself competing for these customers in the marketplace, as they will prove to be very detrimental to your business. Keep researching the market, even when you think you have a hold on things, these types of things can change virtually overnight. Another good measure to keep up with growth, is to implement a review section on your website. According to a study, consumers tend to gravitate more towards companies that actually respond to their customer feedback, and not just the good ones. Saying a THANK YOU here and there, and by adding a personalized touch could mean gaining a customer for life. Not to mention that person is probably more likely to recommend you to a friend or family member. Even if the review was bad, find out why. Ask question, apologize, and even offer a replacement or cash off the next purchase in order to let you try again. Be mindful though, some people can just be trying to scam you, so use your best judgment. It may pay to hire some to work PR and human relations for you. Not to mention someone for customer support. Again, by vetting your employees these are all tasks a very qualified secretary could handle for you. Remember that you get what you pay for. By hiring good and honest employees, and by also making a superior product, you’ll be on your way to building the highly successful business empire that you always dreamed about.

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