6 Popular Dog Myths It’s Time We Stopped Believing

When you get a dog, it becomes a member of your family. You love it and are ready to give it the best life possible. But are you always able to fully understand your pet? Is the information you know about dogs up to date with recent studies?

We at 9GAGLY adore dogs and after we reviewed some reliable sources, we realized that many widely spread tricks people use don’t work, and many tips from dog experts often do more harm than good.

1. The best food for dogs is raw meat.

14 Popular Dog Myths It’s Time We Stopped Believing

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Some dog owners believe that dogs ought to be fed with raw meat since their closest relatives (wolves) eat meat in the wild. But they’re not taking into account the fact that during the thousands of years of living together with people, dogs have adapted to completely different foods. Besides, meat doesn’t contain enough nutrients and vitamins that dogs need and it may contain parasites and pathogenic microorganisms.

2. Fluffy dogs should be shaved in summer so they’re not hot.

14 Popular Dog Myths It’s Time We Stopped Believing

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Many dog owners shave their pets in the summer thinking that it’s the right way to save their pets from the heat but in most cases, it’s not true. That’s because dogs have something called an undercoat. In winter, it becomes thicker and protects the dog from the cold. And in spring, when the dog loses their hair naturally, there’s an undercoat so that the animal feels comfortable. If you shave a dog’s fur, the structure of the new fur will be disrupted — it may curl or get entangled. It’s better to find a different way to prevent the dog from overheating.

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