25 Weirdest Foods to Try in Different States of America

Those in Nebraska and Kansas might have grown up eating cinnamon rolls with chili at school, but this food combination could be surprising for people living in other parts of the country. Even the food in another city could make you feel excited or confused. If you are adventurous, foods like Kool-Aid pickles, fried ravioli, or ice cream potatoes might just tickle your fancy. The fact that some foods are unique to different states is a good excuse to travel around America.

9GAGLY presents you with some of the most unusual foods from the different states of America.

1. Idaho — Ice cream potato

25 Weirdest Foods to Try in Different States of America

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While it looks like a loaded potato, this Idaho treat is 100% an ice cream dessert with whipped cream. Vanilla ice cream is shaped into a potato and coated with cocoa powder to make it look like a potato.

2. Mississippi — Kool-Aid pickles aka “Koolickles”

Cucumbers which were already preserved and made into pickles are kept in a jar of Kool-Aid to make these Koolickles. They are usually made with the red cherry flavored Kool-Aid.

3. Iowa — Dutch letters

This puff pastry, which is usually filled with almond paste, is a snack that is shaped like the letter “S.” Dutch letters are a common treat at the annual Tulip Festival in Pella, Iowa.

4. Connecticut — Clam pizza

25 Weirdest Foods to Try in Different States of America

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The argument over whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza does not seem like a big deal anymore when you hear about clams as a pizza topping. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven created this dish.

5. Alaska — Akutaq

Traditionally made with whipped fat mixed with berries, akutaq can be found in western Alaska and northern Canada.

6. Florida — Fried gator tail

This Southern snack is made by coating alligator tail in flour and frying it until golden brown. It is often said that they almost taste like chicken.

7. Vermont — Sugar on snow, donuts, and pickles

Also known as “Sugar on Snow Supper,” this food combination is popular at events throughout Vermont. Basically, it is snow ice with maple syrup poured over it which is eaten with a pickle and a donut.

8. Wisconsin — Butter burger

25 Weirdest Foods to Try in Different States of America

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A butter burger might sound confusing, but it is actually just a regular burger with butter melted over the meat. The burger is a delicacy in Wisconsin, where cow products are abundant.

9. South Carolina — Lady Baltimore cake

A Lady Baltimore Cake is a layered sponge cake with a fruit and nut filling and fluffy white frosting. It is believed to have been created by a Southern belle in South Carolina.

10. Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania & Virginia — Scrapple

To avoid waste, leftover of pork meat from butchering is made into a mush combined with cornmeal, spices, and wheat flour. Popular in Mid-Atlantic states, scrapple is pan-fried before serving.

11. Rhode Island — Stuffed clams aka “Stuffies”

25 Weirdest Foods to Try in Different States of America

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Baked on the half shell of a quahog clam, “stuffies” consist of a mixture of minced clam, breadcrumbs, and clam juice.

12. Maine — Needhams

Needhams are a sweet treat made of coconut dipped in chocolate with Maine potato mixed in to bind the coconut together.

13. Massachusetts — Fluffernutter

A Fluffernutter is a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow creme. It has been proposed to be the official sandwich of Massachusetts.

14. Kansas & Nebraska — Cinnamon rolls with chili

It’s that time of year…SES famous chili & cinnamon rolls! #yummy pic.twitter.com/lE6L7tVPlT— SES Library (@SESTrojansRead) October 18, 2016

If you went to school in Kansas, Nebraska or any other Midwest states, chances are you have had cinnamon rolls with chili served at school. Otherwise, this food combination might sound surprising.

15. Missouri — Toasted ravioli

25 Weirdest Foods to Try in Different States of America

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This appetizer that was popularized in St. Louis is basically square ravioli with meat inside which is breaded and deep-fried until crispy. It is eaten with marinara sauce with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

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