When She Found Out She Was Having A Boy, This Mom Did Something Disgusting

In 2014, a British model named Josie Cunningham commenced making headlines whilst, at the same time as pregnant along with her third infant, she started smoking 20 cigarettes a day and drinking alcohol.

however, the then-23-12 months-antique wasn’t exactly a stranger to public outrage together with her debatable actions and lifestyles selections. She had also gotten taxpayer-funded plastic surgery, which includes Botox injections and a boob process, and said that she might have her third infant aborted on the way to get on the show, “huge Brother.”

What stopped her from getting an abortion became a psychic who told her that her unborn toddler would be a girl. best then did she determine that smoking and ingesting possibly were not top for her child’s health, and right away started saving up money so her daughter should have breast implants in the future. No, we are no longer making this up.

however while she determined out at 23 weeks pregnant that she became having a son instead, she without delay started out smoking and consuming alcohol regardless of the harm it may do to her infant.

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