Girl Brilliantly Trolls Guy Who Asks For Naughty Pics

It’s an unlucky truth, however, in some unspecified time in the future of their lives, maximum ladies could be asked for nude photographs with the aid of a creepy man. This type of informal sexism is depressingly common, mainly on tinder or other dating apps, and often, it’s an anonymous stranger who received’t suffer any sort of consequences for his misogynistic behaviour.

That being stated, there’s not anything incorrect with sending grimy images of your own volition, of path. If that’s the way you want to do things, then extra power to your elbow, but it’s usually seemed weird to me that a few dudes just call for them right away, after which whine like spoiled brats while the alternative birthday party doesn’t comply.

Jacquie ross, a 16-year-ikd trollmaster standard who hails from north carolina, performed an tricky con at the terrible sap who made the grave error of asking her for nudes. Jacquie changed into talking to a man she was on the promenade committee with, and the 2 of them were just bantering over the logistics of the event they had been making plans. That’s while things took a turn towards the grimy, and the guy asked to peer the outfit she’d be sporting to the dance. Now, is it me, or is something amiss right here? May want to it’s that this man honestly has ulterior reasons?

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