16 Photos That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

On occasion you witness something so strange that you need to prevent what you’re doing to re-evaluate the situation.
Take a short look at your baby on the proper moment and they can scare the living bejesus out of you. power down an surprising street at night handiest to be startled by way of some cleverly located garden gnomes.
It would not continually ought to be frightening. you may just run into a scenario which makes you query reality. right here are 16 pictures that’ll make you drop what you’re doing and 2nd bet what your eyes are seeing.

Chilling at Grandpa’s place. These kids have been playing hide’n’seek for hours.

Twitter | @realKrisCruz

Turns out ice cream is your daughters nightmare fuel.

Twitter | @rtpburns

If you’re a gamer like me, you would definitely be shaking in your boots if you saw this guy on the subway.

Reddit | SlimJones123

You walk downstairs, startled by an intruder at the door. Nope, just dad trying to mess with ya.

Reddit | Guera93

Wait, rabbits have shells now… OH, WHAT? NOPE!

Twitter | @symptom77

This why you don’t go sticking your head into other people’s business.

Instagram | @annaithil

Spotted at a University in Thailand. Make sure to avoid this bridge on the way back from a campus party.

Reddit | fedtothewolves

You walk into your daughter’s room to find her like this and you nearly drop the bottle on her.

Twitter | @jayeads

Safety first, common sense second.

Instagram | @shawn.morrissey

She screamed at the top of her lungs when she opened the box. That ain’t no spider!

Reddit | TayRaff

New age mechanics for millennials on the go.

Reddit | throatfrog

There must be a glitch in the matrix. What are the chances?

Instagram | @joseph351_

“Honey, can you look at the camera and smile? Uh… actually just stop.”

Twitter | @dillymama

Never disappoint your children while they have clown face paint on.

Twitter | @cait_nee

The real question is how he even got on the bike in the first place.

nstagram | @mictanleculti

Look like you’re going to bring up home schooling to her folks next parent teacher meeting.

Instagram | @louisyogapants